Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Florida Bankers Association

Florida Bankers Association Success with iMIS Membership Software

Established in 1888, the Florida Bankers Association (FBA) advocates on behalf of Florida banks and promotes the banking industry in the state. The FBA serves members through untiring advocacy at the state and federal levels, useful products and services, and exceptional education program offerings. With a staff of 22 full-time employees, the FBA represents more than 230 banks of all sizes and focuses.

ASI is our ‘service provider.’ I have been very pleased with the tech support I get from ASI. We dutifully pay our SUP fees every year and I take full advantage of that resource … I think ASI is the best company I have ever associated with in 30+ years of IT because I feel ASI listens to us — the users — and does implement our ideas and solutions. It is not perfect … but it is darn close.


The organization was using five separate applications to manage their data/reporting, and all orders had to be processed manually by staff. They had a static website and any updates to it had to be managed by a third party. The FBA wanted a more efficient, all-in-one system that was robust but flexible. They needed to boost staff productivity with email management, enhance reporting, and streamline billing processes. Improving the member/client experience by synching their systems with the website was also a priority.


Instead of five applications, the FBA began using iMIS to manage membership, their website, mailings, email communications, billing, events, product sales, and online/offline transactions. With iMIS, they had both a contact management system and content management system in one for total web integration. This relieved burdens on staff and improved the online experience for members by providing the personalized communications they wanted. Staff no longer needed to process event registrations manually and, with the RiSE Web Development Platform, they could even manage their own web pages.


With the iMIS system, the FBA is seeing time and cost savings. They are increasing member satisfaction with convenient self-service options and personalized content. Staff appreciates that the system is easy to use, they can make updates to the website on the fly, and they can quickly process orders. The FBA now also has the analytical reporting they need to make more informed business decisions. Since implementing iMIS, the organization has gone through five updates over the years, all of which have been on-time and on-budget.