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    Informz for iMIS

    Informz for iMIS provides you with the ability to easily create professional e-mail communications, target the delivery based on data in iMIS, and track results and responses. Informz for iMIS combines the best of both worlds, a professional e-mail delivery company with an easy-to-use e-mail marketing tool completely integrated with iMIS.

    Informz Features include:

    e-Mail Creation

    • Create professional e-mail communications with a simple, easy-to-use HTML editor
    • Cut, paste, and edit HTML code to maintain full control over e-mail design
    • Insert content for e-mails from iMIS Content Manager

    e-Mail Delivery

    • Create a single e-mail template personalized with iMIS data
    • Generate automated follow-up emails based on user responses and actions within iMIS
    • Schedule e-mail to be delivered at a specific time and date
    • Leverage Informz deliverability services to ensure deliverability of e-mail
    • Benefit from expert advice provided by an Informz e-Marketing Advisor

    List Management

    • Create target groups based on iMIS contact, demographic, activity, and transactional data
    • Build e-mail lists by allowing recipients to easily forward e-mails to other people
    • Combine target groups for highly personalized e-mail communication

    Results Tracking

    • Gain valuable insight through open, click-through, and opt-out rates
    • Access user detail on open, click-through, opt-out, and forward-to-a-friend actions
    • Record e-mailing activity in iMIS


    • Survey your users with advanced surveying capability integrated with Informz for iMIS
    • Features include customizable survey templates, multiple question types, and skip logic and conditional branching
    • Survey activity written back to iMIS


    • Survey your users with advanced surveying capability integrated with Informz for iMIS
    • Voter administrators, working with offline or absentee votes, can enter the ballot into Informz
    • Ensure security by managing votes through the Vote-Submit-Confirm Process
    • Create candidate bio pages, upload an unlimited number of images and create your own table structures using the Informz editor.
    • Voting activity written back to iMIS


    • Create, design and send customized invoices as a pdf attachment
    • Access user detail on deliverable, open and who clicked on the invoice mailing
    • Manages all bounces and reports any repeated bouncers for follow up

    Text Messaging

    • Targeted broadcasts keep mobile subscribers connected
    • Interactive keywords allow for inbound communication
    • Mobile groups provide on-the-go communication

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