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    Online Marketplace

    The ATS Online Marketplace is an online shopping experience fully integrated into iMIS. The Online Marketplace brings leading edge e-commerce functionality to the iMIS platform. It not only leverages iMIS but also extends the platform to provide features not currently available in iMIS. It integrates dues, product sales, event registration, and fundraising into one easy to use shopping experience. It can be incorporated into your existing iMIS Public Views or can be used to replace the functionality of the Public Views. In addition, since it uses the iMIS Business Objects and it works well with either iMIS 10.x or 15.x. The result is an improved experience for visitors to the website with complete iMIS integration. Following are examples of the functionality included at the time of this submission.

    Your customer's online shopping experience will include the following:

    • One shopping cart for all purchases
    • Search across all product lines with ordering by title, date, and price.
    • No requirement to login until checkout
    • Featured Items
    • Newest items
    • Best Sellers
    • Specials
    • Promotions/Advertisements
    • Custom created categories of products
    • Post to social networking sites about a product or event (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In)
    • Email a friend about a document or event
    • See and provide product reviews with a star rating
    • Comment on other peoples reviews
    • See what other people who purchased this item also bought
    • Upsell/Cross sell
    • See when something is on backorder and be notified when it becomes available Entries
    • Visually see if you are already registered for an event
    • Google Map of event location
    • Ability to add an event to your Outlook Calendar
    • Member pricing when you add a join or renew to the cart
    • Calculate freight and tax without the need to login
    • Calculate freight and tax based on ship to address
    • Use coupons
    • Pay with credit card, check, or gift card with the gift card manager
    • Make purchases of electronic documents, videos, internal or external password protected content
    • Reprint any receipt in the system whether purchased through the Online Marketplace or not

    For the back office there is much flexibility built in including.

    • Ability to manage the design through CSS
    • Ability to change most all labels
    • Ability to show/hide features of the site
    • Ability to manage promotions/ads including start and end dates
    • Ability to show/hide categories and add custom entries into the product categories
    • Ability to manage how the search works
    • Ability to manage featured items
    • Ability to manage and feature specials
    • Ability to manage/manipulate Best Sellers by excluding certain products if desired
    • Ability to manage the time zone of each event/webinar
    • Ability to manage and protect electronic assets for sell through the marketplace
    • Ability to provide services through a number of third party webinar companies including BlueSky Broadcast, CommPartners, and GoToWebinar, all seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience.
    • Ability to create kits of events and a combination of events and products
    • Ability to exclude product categories , product codes, event types, and meeting codes from search results
    • Ability to control how long someone has access to digital content (30 days, 90 days, etc)
    • Ability to provide default images for events and products when an image has not been entered into iMIS.
    • Ability to manage coupons by providing:
      Coupon Codes
      Coupon Description to print on receipt
      Dollars off or percent off
      Start and end dates
      Single use or multiple use per person
      Stackable/non stackable
      Restrict to member types
      Restrict to product/event codes
      Restrict to product categories
      Set maximum uses per product code
      Set maximum orders across the system for all members
    • Sophisticated Batch Management including:
      Set cash accounts per credit card type
      Combine credit cards into batches (e.g., AMEX in one and VISA, MC, DISC) in another batch
      Manage the description of the batches
      Allow for synchronization with payment gateway time zone (e.g., rollover batch to next day at 9:00 pm.)
      Create separate batches per event or combine together with dues, products, and donations.

    From a technical point of view, the solution uses the iMIS Business Objects and will work with iMIS 10.x and iMIS 15.x. It is sold as a base configuration with additional modules for dues, events, and fundraising. All setup and tables uses standard iMIS. All components (specials, featured items, etc.) are .NET user controls. Some of the controls can be used as iPartS on other areas of the site to drive people to the Online Marketplace.


    The result of these features for visitors to the site and for staff is a highly configurable, feature rich online shopping experience.

    Developer Info

    Association Technology Solutions
    Stan Pickett
    720-945-7252 x386

    President's Club Award Winner 2011

    iMIS Solutions Innovation

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