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    Advanced Events for iMIS

    Advanced Events for iMIS is designed for larger organisations who run sophisticated events with iMIS. The system handles both single and delegate bookings, is Wizard driven and optimised for large numbers of bookings and delegates.


    Application Manager for iMIS

    A standard upgradeable application for building and deploying online forms and applications. Application Manager can also handle the on-line review and acceptance process for any submissions.



    Provide secure personalized links for your members, donors, registrants to be automatically logged in and taken directly to pages to Donate, Join, Renew or Register for an Event. Increase the ROI on your email blasts and never worry about lost passwords or loging/redirection issues.


    Automated Recurring Donations with PayPal

    Many fundraising organizations need the way to take pledges and donations online. In addition those donations need to get processed. This tool uses the iMIS .NET Business Objects and the PayPal integration to take pledges, one time donations, and recurring donations.


    Blue Sky Broadcast iMIS Integration Bridge

    The ATS Blue Sky Broadcast iMIS Integration Bridge allows people to register for an on demand or live event through iMIS and automatically register them at the Blue Sky Broadcast site.


    Blue Sky Broadcast Presentation Portal with iMIS Bridge

    A Learning Management Platform with iMIS bridge that will manage and index rich media such as webcasts, webinars and conference recordings for CE and revenue applications.


    Contact and Custom Demographic Exporter

    The ATS Contact and Custom Demographic Exporter provides a .Net control to be added to a web site or used as an iPart in a existing web interface. The exporter allows organizations to export data from the contact and customer demographic tables based on specified search criteria.


    Coupon Codes

    Coupon Codes provides a solution for organizations running iMIS 15 Public Views that wish to allow users to receive discounts for online event registration.


    ecGenius Web Shop for iMIS

    ecGenius is a full web shop and ecommerce solution for iMIS. This product provides a design oriented front end shopping experience yet is full integrated to iMIS via Web Services and iBO.NET. Please visit the Fisher Technology website for many examples of how this innovative product has been used.


    Email/Subscription Lists

    Provides recipient's ability to opt-in or opt-out of email list. Ideal for relatively smaller audience of 1000 contacts or less.



    Organizations are turning to the web more and more to reach out to new members and donors. By adding iMIS Friendraising to your online tools, your organization is able to leverage the power of your strongest supporters.


    GeoCoding Module

    The ATS Geocoding module allows organizations to add functionality to their iMIS external websites to search for members based upon address information and provide a visual representation of location results using Google Maps.


    GoToWebinar/iMIS Integration

    Do you need to integrate GoToWebinar with iMIS? ATS has a product that can be easily integrated into the iMIS shopping cart experience.



    Access your iMIS contacts, ad hoc queries, committees, events and views directly from Microsoft Outlook™.


    iFindWealth Module

    The ATS iFindWealth system consists of two products that can be installed individually. These products allow members to find and qualify donors in their database based on demographics about the individuals. This product adds value to iMIS as it allows clients to better segment their database and target their marketing based on information collected by the organization and more importantly outside sources.



    Merge two customer records on the fly including all activity, financial, event, order, and certification detail. Extendable through stored procedures and has a batch mode!


    iMIS Advanced Communities

    iMIS Advanced Communities is an on-demand community-building platform. The platform features the latest online networking and communication tools, such as Blogs, Shared Libraries, Profiles, Forums, Tagging and Tag clouds, Groups, and Listservs.


    Industry Calendar

    The Industry Calendar provides a central, online calendar representing a database of industry partner events.


    Informz for iMIS

    Leverage data in iMIS to create targeted e-mail communications.


    Legislative Data Assignment (LDA) for iMIS

    Legislative Data Assignment (LDA) for iMIS provides a comprehensive solution for Government Relations and Public Affairs.


    List Manager

    Automate your email list management with our time-saving List Manager Module.


    Mobile App for iMIS

     iXtend Featured
    Provide your members, donors, and other constituents with anytime, anywhere access to your organization from their Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, BlackBerry, and Google Android smart phones and tablets with the new Powered by Dub Mobile App for iMIS.


    MOSAIC Mobile Platform

    The MOSAIC™ Platform removes the complexities from the mobile web. Built specifically for member-based organizations, this platform combines the unique features of native and web apps into a unified cloud based solution.


    Multi-Event and Multi-Registrant Registration System

    The goal for this event registration system was to allow a single web user to register themselves, along with their coworkers, to one or more events at the same time on a single screen.


    Online Marketplace

    The ATS Online Marketplace is an online shopping experience fully integrated into iMIS. The Online Marketplace brings leading edge e-commerce functionality to the iMIS platform.



     iXtend Featured
    Express Checkout: Add an additional payment option to your checkout page and open the door to 110 million active PayPal accounts*.
    Payflow Pro: Create a fully customizable checkout experience for your customers. Accept credit cards on your site.


    Professional Referral Suite

    The BSCI Professional Referral Suite includes 3 components; back office for calls, website for self-service, and the mentor/mentee website.


    SalesForce.com Integration with iMIS

    The ATS SalesForce.Com/iMIS integration allows for input through either system and synchronizes these with everything from contacts, leads, tasks, events, and activities.



     iXtend Featured
    SocialToaster is a social media marketing platform that connects a large social media audience and makes sharing your content fun and easy.


    TradeWinds Broadcast Email Module

    The TradeWinds Broadcast Email Module makes generating and sending broadcast messages simple and easy.


    Ultimate Importer

    Take data from any spreadsheet and seamlessly import into iMIS. A difficult problem made easy and Automatically aligns data. Provides the technology and flexibility you need to import into iMIS.


    vcGenius CMS for iMIS

    vcGenius is a combination of a design oriented CMS and a social networking portal. iMISiMIS Integration is standard in the product. Please visit the Fisher Technology website for many examples of how this innovative product has been used.


    Visual Antidote Player for iMIS

     iXtend Featured
    The Visual Antidote Player for iMIS (VAPI) is the first web video player built exclusively for the iMIS WCM platform. With VAPi, iMIS users can put their own videos anywhere on their site using iPart technology.


    Web Services for iMIS

    Web Services for iMIS is a toolkit designed for developers who want to link web systems into an iMIS database. Web Services for iMIS supports REST and SOAP standards and can be used from PHP or Microsoft environments with ease.


    WebFormZ for iMIS

     iXtend Featured
    WebFormZ has been produced for users of iMIS 15.x who are interested in deploying a forms solution within iMIS itself. Webformz is written using ASI development standards and from a technology perspective is actually a part of iMIS.


    Word Merge iPart

    The BSCI Word Merge iMISPart allows users to run an IQA query and merge to a Word template.


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