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    'Quick Pay' Dues System

    Many iMIS customers have the need to allow someone other than the primary contact to pay dues for an organization or individual without logging in. The general business case is that the primary contact will forward a bill to be paid to the accounts payable department or someone else in the organization to pay. The iMIS public views require the person to login to pay. Our solution was to create the “Quick Pay” dues system which does not require anyone to login to pay dues. It can be deployed in two ways. 1. A hyperlink can be sent in an email via Informz or some other means which includes the company id of the bill to pay. 2. A url can be setup in public views to automatically direct a logged in person to the quick pay system to pay dues for their company even though they are not logged in as the company. When the user reaches the Quick Pay dues page they will see what has been billed and the total amount to be paid. They can then enter the credit card information and pay for the dues. A receipt will be sent to the bill to contact for the dues and an additional receipt can be sent to someone else (e.g., Accounts Payable). The solution uses the .NET iMIS Business object and fits into the iMIS infrastructure easily as either a .NET User Control or an iPart. It integrates with the iMIS 15 and iMIS 10 logins resulting in a unified single login.

    Developer Info

    Association Technology Solutions
    Stan Pickett
    720-945-7252 x386

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