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    Room and Resource Manager

    Room and Resource Manager (RRM) provides highly-functional facility and resource management capabilities that will save you time and save you money. The system will manage the logistics of an annual conference, one or multiple campuses, all of your room types, instructors, AV resources and catering operations from a browser or from Microsoft Outlook 2007.

    RRM Feature List:

    Easy Configurations and Setup

    • Quickly define locations, rooms, and other resource types with user defined attributes
    • Add inventory levels and costs for space, HR and other resource types
    • Establish your user defined resource "tree" with straightforward setup options
    • Easily associate resources with specific locations or buildings

    Create and Manage Bookings and Reservations

    • A simple daily, weekly or monthly calendar will provide an immediate view of resource availability
    • Multiple calendars provide views of space and HR resources
    • Create a booking or reservation directly from the Calendar views
    • Reserve space, equipment, furniture and catering items from a single point of entry
    • Multiple break-out sessions defined in iMIS Events are automatically set up as multiple reservations in a single booking. Single point of entry…NO REKEYING as is the case with disconnected 3rd party resource schedulers
    • System is designed to manage facility sales and booking activity, be it for an internal department or to outside customers
    • Invoice directly in RRM, in iMIS Sales or Full Order Entry module with billings tied to customers (or internal departments) created in iMIS

    Integration to MS Outlook 2007

    • The MS Outlook 2007 Integrator extends the reservation and change request capabilities of Room and Resource Manager to a familiar scheduling and office automation tool used by all staff
    • Make reservations, schedule resources, request reservation changes and check for conflicts directly from MS Outlook 2007

    Generate Reports

    • Run both custom and standard reports for invoices, catering orders, event calendars, booking confirmations, resource utilizations, or scheduling by department

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    Developer Info

    (C) Systems, LLC
    Lee Hornstein
    (732) 548-6100 x11

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