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    Web Services Suite

    With ATS Web Services you can integrate iMIS with any .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP website. Using the ATS Web Services allows you to use the iMIS Business Objects to read and write information to your iMIS database while leveraging all of the functionality and design benefits of Microsoft® .NET programming language or any other applications that can call a Web Service. The advantages of using ATS Web Services include the ability to quickly implement solutions with minimal knowledge of iMIS. The ATS Web Services are built upon the Advanced Solutions International .NET iMIS Business Objects. That means that the web services are backwards compatible to iMIS 10.2 and forward compatible with iMIS 15. This allows organizations to leverage their investment for today and tomorrow. In our tests the performance of the ATS Web Services exceeds that of direct ODBC connections to the database when the Web server and the database are at separate physical locations. The Web services have a direct advantage over reading and writing data to iMIS using a database connection because they will apply the business rules setup in iMIS. For example if you have setup iMIS to create an entry in a change log when a field is updated the ATS Web Services will update the change log. This means that you don’t have to “reverse engineer” what iMIS does when you build your Web applications. The ATS Suite of Web Services includes: -- Login Management -- Contact Management -- Dues Processing -- Orders Processing -- Fundraising Processing -- Batch Processing ATS Web Services have used them for many purposes including: -- Integrating login with third party applications -- Lookup tables in iMIS such as Prefixes, Suffixes, or any other lookup table for building drop down lists on the Web -- Perform Real-time event registration using their existing web registration forms -- Real-time payments of dues for members joining and renewing -- Creating new activity records -- Retrieving event information and pricing to display on a Web site -- Creating membership directories -- Displaying real time committee rosters By using ATS Web Services you give your developers all the tools necessary to create dynamic and productive web pages without the need to redesign the look and feel or even the functionality to work under the constructs of the iMIS Business Objects. ATS Web Services bridges the gaps between many different platforms and the iMIS database.

    Required iMIS Modules:

    • You must own each iMIS Web Module that you need to integrate with in order to use the Web Services.

    Developer Info

    Association Technology Solutions
    Stan Pickett
    720-945-7252 x386

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