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    News - USA

    Feb, 2009 Publication:Non-Profit Times
    10 Ideas For A Macro View Of Your Microsite
    Non-profits have been looking more & more to microsites as supplements to their main Web pages. Sarah Hoddinott, fundraising product manager at ASI, provides tips to maximize your microsite.
    Feb, 2009 Publication:NPT TechnoBuzz
    3 Ways To Protect Your Donor's Confidentiality
    Robin Fisk, of ASI, discusses some ways you can best protect sensitive information without restricting your ability to use a database efficiently.
    Feb, 2009 iMIS Rated #1 for Customer Satisfaction by Lehman Associates Study
    ASI, the leading global provider of web-based software for associations and non-profits, today announced its continued dominance in the association management system (AMS) product market.
    Jan, 2009 Publication:IT BUsiness Edge
    PCI Compliance Also Requires Partnership Between IT, Legal
    Gabe Fineman of ASI discusses the need for Legal and IT departments to work together on issues like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
    Jan, 2009 NiUG International to Launch Social Networking Tool for Members
    NIUG International announced they have signed a contract with GoLightly, Inc. to launch Social Networking for iMIS, a fully integrated, online community platform for NiUG members.
    Jan, 2009 Publication:NPT TechnoBuzz
    Use Technology To Thrive During A Credit Crunch
    Robin Fisk of Advanced Solutions International discusses ways that non-profits can use technology to survive economically troubled times.
    Jan, 2009 Publication:Fundraising Success
    Electronic Communications Pays Off: How to Get Returns
    Robin Fisk of ASI discusses how to better leverage your electronic communications to increase online donations.
    Dec, 2008 Publication:MSNBC.com
    Bringing the Spirit of Giving to Your Workplace
    This article explores the best approach to take (and some pitfalls to avoid)when trying to get your workplace involved in charitable giving, including a few hints from ASI's own Sarah Hoddinott.
    Dec, 2008 Publication:Fundraising Success
    Tips on Turning Tiny Campaigns Into Big Money
    Sarah Hoddinott writes about how organizations are realizing the advantages peer-to-peer fundraising has over traditional charity-to-donor appeals, and how microcampaigns are beginning to form an integral part of the "isosceles donor triangle."
    Nov, 2008 Publication:Associations Now
    Give Your Members the Celebrity Experience
    Contributing writer Donna Cutting highlights RIMS' development of a social media-based Web site to encourage member participation.
    Oct, 2008 Publication:The Marketing Xfactor
    Support Groups Thrive in Anonymous, Interactive Online Environment
    This article describes how the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) uses social networking and Web-based technologies to improve member satisfaction.
    Oct, 2008 Publication:FundRaising Success
    Nonprofit Fundraisers Can Learn a Thing or Two from Business Intelligence
    Co-bylined by ASI and iDashboards, this piece provides tips on how non-profit organizations can use business intelligence tools to improve fundraising campaigns.
    Oct, 2008 Publication:FundRaising Success
    Integration Strengthens Fundraising Initiatives
    Sarah Hoddinott contributes some thoughts on how social networking can be used within integrated marketing campaigns and fundraising initiatives.
    Oct, 2008 NiUG Sees Record Growth at 2008 Annual Discovery Conference
    John Howarth Memorial Award Given to Lee Hornstein of (C) Systems and Michele Morgan of OutSource Management Services.
    Sep, 2008 Publication:Greenlights' Power Steering Newsletter
    Relationship = Relevance: Improving the "R" in CRM
    This bylined article focuses on non-profit organizations' need to establish relevant relationships with current and potential donors.
    Aug, 2008 ASI and GoLightly Launch Not-for-Profit Social Media Tool Set
    Social Networking for iMIS Drives Online Community Collaboration and Participant Communications.
    Aug, 2008 ASI Continues Growth in First Half of 2008
    ASI, the leading global provider of web-based software for associations and non-profits, today announced that it continued to see revenue and profit growth over the past six months ending June 30, 2008.
    Aug, 2008 Publication:TMCnet
    GoLightly, ASI Combine for Non-Profit Social Networking
    Writer and blogger David Sims writes on the launch of Social Networking for iMIS, as well as highlights ASI's best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising.
    Aug, 2008 Publication:CRM Buyer
    Fundraising 2.0: A New Shine on Old CRM Principles
    Written by Sarah Hoddinott, this piece provides tips on how fundraisers can build trust with their target audiences and streamline campaigns with CRM.
    Jul, 2008 ASI Consulting Achieves SCP Professional Service Standard Certification for Second Consecutive Year
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the leading global provider of web-based software for associations and non-profits, has attained the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Professional Service Standard certification for the second consecutive year.
    Jun, 2008 Publication:DMNews
    How You Can Highlight 'R' in CRM
    This bylined contribution features tips on how businesses can build the right customer relationships-at the right time, in the right way.
    Jun, 2008 ASI Announces iMIS Business Excellence Forum (iBEF) Program
    ASI accounces the iMIS Business Excellence Forum (iBEF) Program, a process-driven framework designed to help iMIS clients achieve maximum business value from their iMIS solutions.
    Jun, 2008 Publication:BusinessWeek
    Thanks for the Ideas
    BusinessWeek Editor-in-Chief John Byrne posted on Sarah Hoddinott's article suggestion around philanthropy and the economy.
    Jun, 2008 Publication:BusinessWeek
    Philanthropy Has Seen Better Days
    Sarah Hoddinott's article suggestion on how non-profit organizations are faring in today's poor economy appeared in BusinessWeek.
    Jun, 2008 ASI acquires Fisk Brett, creating the UK’s number 1 specialist software provider for the not-for-profit sector
    ASI acquires UK charity and fundraising software specialist Fisk Brett, providing UK fundraising domain expertise and over 200 new customers.
    Jun, 2008 Publication:Associations NOW
    Sign 'Em Up
    Randy Carey discusses how the Women's Foodservice Forum uses the iMIS 15 registration module for a flexible system to achieve their goals.
    May, 2008 Publication:FundRaising Success
    David Drinnon on Choosing and Using Fundraising Software
    David Drinnon from Second Baptist Church responds to Webinar attendees' questions about donor relationship management technology.
    May, 2008 Publication:FundRaising Success
    Webinar Follow-Up: Gary Green on Choosing and Using Fundraising Software
    National Kidney Foundation's Gary Green answers questions and provides tips and tricks to demystify the process of selecting fundraising software solutions.
    May, 2008 ASI Technical Support Awarded Prestigious SCP Certification for Sixth Consecutive Year
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the leading global provider of web-based software for non-profits, has been awarded the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Support Standard certification for the sixth consecutive year.
    May, 2008 Publication:A Small Change - Fundraising Blog
    Fundraising Without Borders
    Blogger Jason Dick thanks ASI and Artez for the companies’ thoughts on online fundraising.
    May, 2008 Publication:IT Toolbox CRM Community
    On-Demand CRM for Non-Profits?
    Sarah Hoddinott responds to a question on hosted solutions for non-profits.
    May, 2008 Publication:NonProfit Technology News
    Review: Advanced Solutions International iMIS 15
    This positive product review demonstrates iMIS’ flexibility and support for a broad range of core non-profit management areas.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:A Small Change - Fundraising Blog
    Fourth Leg of Donor Pyramid
    Sarah Hoddinott and Shane Davis discuss how the emergence of new technology and online fundraising has led to new avenues for donors.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:A Small Change: Fundraising Blog
    The Seven Deadly Sins
    This blog post lays out the seven deadly mistakes non-profit organizations can make when it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:Social Actions blog
    April 2008 Giving Carnival Results
    Artez's Philip King responds to a question on whether person-to-person fundraising is dead or just getting started.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:A Small Change - Fundraising Blog
    Competition or Collaborative
    In response to a blog post on working together or against each other, Sarah Hoddinott provides her thoughts on the business of fundraising through sharing.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:Canadian Fundraiser
    Online Fundraising: To Be Really Effective, Listen for the Sound of Achoo
    This newsletter article showcases "sneezers" and how fundraisers can make the best possible use of them.
    Apr, 2008 ASI Wins Software Testing Best Practice Award
    Web-based software provider recognized by IIST for dedication to best practices throughout application development
    Apr, 2008 Publication:Don't Tell the Donor Blog
    The Search for Sneezers
    This blog post highlights Philip King’s AFP conference session on social fundraising and individuals acting as donor recruitment hubs.
    Apr, 2008 Publication:Associations Now
    Planning an AMS Software Replacement: Choosing a Vendor on Your Own
    Bob Alves guides associations through the process and benefits of selecting an association management system.
    Mar, 2008 Publication:Nonprofit Technology News
    From the Top - ASI
    In this Q&A feature, Bob Alves discusses ASI's business focus, initiatives and dedication to the company's customers.
    Mar, 2008 Publication:onPhilanthropy Blog
    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Sarah Hoddinott offers best practices for successful peer-to-peer fundraising, regardless of what technology non-profits use to facilitate it.
    Mar, 2008 Publication:A Small Change - Fundraising Blog
    Peer-to-Peer Friendraising
    Blogger Jason Dick outlines ASI's peer-to-peer fundraising best practices, while highlighting its online interactive community and iMIS Friendraising module.
    Mar, 2008 Publication:Church & Worship Technology
    Technology That Equips
    David Drinnon, Director of Information Technology at Second Baptist Church in Houston discusses why they chose iMIS and how it has benefited their organization.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:A Small Change - Fundraising Blog
    Multiple Funding Philosophies
    This blog post describes how ASI is taking peer-to-peer fundraising to new levels with iMIS Friendraising.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:The NonProfit Times
    Fundraising...Globalize Your Local 'A-Thon'
    Sarah Hoddinott contributes tips and tricks to expand A-thon events with peer-to-peer tools and the help of non-profit champions.
    Feb, 2008 ASI Reports Record Revenue in 2007
    Web-based software company continues dominance in association market and increases prominence in non-profit sector
    Feb, 2008 Publication:TechSoup
    Best Practices for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Culled from client and partner campaigns, ASI's best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising are posted to this blog.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:Canadian FundRaiser eNews
    Help Finding Friends
    This newsletter piece announces the release of iMIS Friendraising and its full integration with iMIS 15.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:Tactical Philanthropy Blog
    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Blogger Sean Stannard-Stockton posts ASI's best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising and asks for readers' thoughts.
    Feb, 2008 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices Outlined by ASI
    A set of best practices for using online tools – particularly peer-to-peer fundraising applications – to increase donor participation, reach new donors, and drastically reduce campaign launch time, administration and overhead.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:TMCnet
    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices Offered by ASI
    This piece lists ASI's best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising and connects the content with iMIS Friendraising.
    Feb, 2008 Publication:TMCnet
    ASI announces iMIS Friendraising Peer-to-Peer Tool
    David Sims writes on the availability of iMIS Friendraising and demonstrates ASI's product growth with the iMIS 15 upgrade and iMIS TaskCentre.
    Jan, 2008 ASI Launches Tool for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    The new solution enables organizations to create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns from scratch, putting the power of campaign reach in the hands of participants themselves.
    Jan, 2008 Publication:TMCnet
    iMIS TaskCentre Available from ASI
    This article highlights the launch of iMIS TaskCentre as well as reviews past product announcements from ASI.
    Jan, 2008 ASI Announces iMIS TaskCentre
    Announcing the availability of iMIS TaskCentre, a comprehensive business process management module that offers advanced business alerts, workflow, document automation and information on demand for iMIS 15.
    Jan, 2008 Publication:Effective Database Management's (EDM) Blogsite
    NTEN's CRM Satisfaction Survey Is Released
    This post notes the use of iMIS within the association and the broader non-profit markets.
    Dec, 2007 RSM McGladrey Expands iMIS Delivery and Support to Not-for-Profits throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New York Region
    RSM McGladrey, a leading provider of accounting, tax and business consulting for enterprises and not-for-profit organizations, today announced its expansion as an Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP) for Advanced Solutions International (ASI).
    Nov, 2007 Informz for iMIS helps PFM Streamline Donation Efforts
    Informz, an integrated emarketing company, today announced they have helped PFM and its ministries of Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint to increase email deliverability by 20 percent, open rates by 32%, e-appeal revenues by 9%, and average online gift amounts by 4%.
    Aug, 2007 Lehman Associates Study Shows iMIS is the Market Leading Association Management System
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the leading global provider of web-based software for nonprofits, today announced the 2007 Lehman Report on the Association Management System (AMS) Market underscores the company's dominance in this space. The research shows iMIS holds a leadership position with a 37 percent market share, ranks highest among major AMS vendors in implementation experience, and ranks higher than the combined average ratings of other major AMS vendors in product satisfaction.
    Aug, 2007 ASI Consulting Achieves SCP Professional Service Standard Certification
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the leading global provider of software for non-profits, has attained the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Professional Service Standard certification. Established by the Service Strategies Corporation (SSC), an independent service improvement company dedicated to establishing standards across the technology market, along with a consortium of leading technology companies, the SCP Professional Service Standard is the industry benchmark for excellence in Professional Services.
    Jul, 2007 ASI Technical Support Awarded Prestigious Certification for Fifth Consecutive Year
    ASI Technical Support Awarded Prestigious SCP Support Standard Certification for Fifth Year in a Row
    Jun, 2007 ASI Wins Faith-based Non-profit Customers with iMIS Solution
    Company sees market drive towards comprehensive enterprise solution
    May, 2007 ASI Expands Presence in the Fundraising Sector With Additions to the Business Development Team
    Launch of iMIS 15, Best-in-Class Technology, Attracts Fundraising Industry Experts to Company
    Apr, 2007 iMIS 15 Raises the Bar for Non-Profit Software
    Comprehensive Enterprise Solution Provides Operational Edge to Non-Profits
    Feb, 2007 ASI Establishes Global Operations with Customer Care Program
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Global ASI Customer Care Program. With the formation of the North American unit, ASI is now able to deliver on its commitment to serving and furthering the needs of customers on an international scale.
    Feb, 2007 Informz to Offer Online Voting Capabilities for iMIS Users
    Informz has announced that they will launch a full-featured online voting module that will integrate with their email module and iMIS.
    Feb, 2007 Advanced Solutions International Earns Gold Partner Status in Microsoft Partner Program
    Advanced Solutions International (ASI), today announced it has earned certified status in Microsoft Corp.'s Partner Program recognizing ASI's expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace.

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