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    NiUG International to Launch Social Networking Tool for Members

    East Stroudsburg, PA – (January 22, 2009) - Today NIUG International announced they have signed a contract with GoLightly, Inc. to launch Social Networking for iMIS, a fully integrated, online community platform for NiUG members. According to NiUG president, Paul Peeples, "we couldn't be more pleased about partnering with GoLightly to bring our members the latest in iMIS Social Networking tools. Members who currently enjoy the benefits of the NiUG Listserve are going to be 'stoked' about this advanced collaboration and communications tool."

    Features NiUG members can look forward to include participant created groups and listservs, shared resource libraries, wiki notepads, the ability to find participants with similar interests or concerns, plus personal and group blogs that give members an online voice to express themselves. The group hopes to launch the new social networking site in late May and is right now looking for users who would be willing to serve as an active member on the social networking implementation task force it is developing to assist in the role out and implementation of this new benefit. If you are willing to volunteer your time for this worthy project, please contact Michele Morgan at (866) 301-6484 or go online to www.niug.org and fill out the "Get Connected" online form developed for online submission for those willing to volunteer.

    "We are excited about showcasing the new integration and the power of Social Networking for iMIS for all NiUG members to see", says GoLightly president, Sarah GoLightly. "What a great time to be a part of the iMIS user community."

    In the fall of 2008, NiUG organized a task force to review three Social Networking tools that integrated with iMIS. After an extensive review and demo trial period, Social Networking for iMIS developed by GoLightly was selected as the tool that best met NiUG's needs. Task Force chairman, Steve Wooten, commented that "the committee was impressed with each of the social networking programs we reviewed. We were amazed at the depth of features these new Web 2.0 software tools offer. They bring a whole new definition to the term networking for associations."

    About NiUG International

    NiUG International is the largest independent, not-for-profit, volunteer run iMIS user's group. NiUG started as a grass roots, regional effort in the mid-90s. NiUG's core purpose remains to advocate, educate, and connect iMIS users, even as we have grown over the years into an international organization. NiUG holds iMIS user conferences throughout the United States, Canada and Australia each year to educate iMIS users on the functionality and capabilities of the iMIS product. The key to this growth and to the stability of NiUG is the input from our membership base and the leadership of our volunteer board of directors.
    To learn more visit www.niug.org.

    About GoLightly

    GoLightly, Inc. powers effective and easy-to-use online community solutions for corporate enterprises, associations, and non-profits. GoLightly's services are delivered as an integrated suite, including groups, email lists, forums, libraries, blogs, member directories and wikis, help associations and other organizations acquire and retain members, and extend the effectiveness of their conferences and meetings. The GoLightly platform also enables corporations to utilize and manage employees' knowledge more efficiently and securely, and build brand loyalty through customer communities. Through marketing and word of mouth, GoLightly has become one of the premier providers of custom branded and integrated online community collaboration tools for enterprise and associations. Advanced Solutions International (ASI) formed a partnership with GoLightly in August, 2008 to offer iMIS users Social Networking for iMIS , a fully integrated, online community platform containing advanced collaboration and communications capabilities. To learn more about Social Networking for iMIS visit www.advsol.com/webcasts. GoLightly is based in Mill Valley, California and offers community software and services worldwide. To learn more, visit www.golightly.com.

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