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    ASI On-Demand Webcasts

    Stay up to date on iMIS for free without leaving your desk! The following On-Demand webcasts are designed to keep you up to date on the latest products and services.

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    Topics Available

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    • Best Practices

      CEO's Guide for Making a Business-Driven Decision When Selecting Member or Donor Software

      Join us for a new webcast on proven best practices for making a business-driven vs. technology-driven decision regarding your next member/donor management system. You'll learn the biggest pitfalls to avoid, lessons from experienced buyers, how to streamline the selection process, and more. We'll also share why forward-thinking organizations are replacing their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with an Engagement Management System (EMS) that manages their data and website in one solution.

      Software Implementation Best Practices

      Learn how to successfully implement a member or donor management software solution for your organization.

      Optimizing Fundraising Performance

      Learn how fully integrated multi-channel programs — including email, mobile, personal fundraising pages, social fundraising, and direct mail — can help expand your organization's reach, improve the response rates of your various programs, grow your prospect file, and ignite donor passion for your cause.

      Accelerate Fundraising Growth with Multi-Channel Programs

      Implementing highly personalized, multi-channel programs is the key to fundraising success — but if these programs are not fully integrated, you could be wasting valuable time, money and resources. In this new one-hour webcast, we'll show you ways to strategically leverage your email, direct mail, mobile and social media programs to acquire more donors, build deeper relationships with your supporters, and increase your fundraising ROI.

      Fire Up Member Engagement & Commitment with Strategic Email Content

      How do you captivate the interest of those members who pay their dues but do virtually nothing else? Getting members actively engaged is the basis of solid retention rates, high member satisfaction rankings, and steady non-dues revenue. Join us for this one-hour webcast, you'll learn how to analyze email results to identify those members most at risk for churn; create a winning re-engagement strategy that inspires members to take action; and deliver personalized email content that demonstrates you truly understand their needs and interests.

      Igniting Donor Passion with Social Fundraising

      With Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind Case Study
      This new webcast will show you how you can leverage Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media to develop a closer relationship with your donors, encourage supporters to connect with others who are passionate about your cause, create viral fundraising opportunities, and increase your organization's visibility. The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind will also share their social media case study and how it helps them achieve their fundraising goals.

      Achieving Exceptional Membership Growth

      Learning from Marketing General's 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report
      In this new webcast, we'll feature findings from Marketing General's 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report — a survey of nearly 700 associations regarding the strategies and tactics they use to recruit, engage and retain their members. Join us to learn how you can take your organization's performance from good to exceptional.

      Becoming Indispensable: 6 Strategies to Increase Engagement & Retention Using Private Social Networks

      In this new webcast, we explore the importance of private social networks and the dramatic effect they can have on your organization's engagement and retention rates. We explain why these trusted communities work so well and we'll demonstrate — using actual non-profit success story examples — six strategies for effectively implementing them on your own site. We also cover directories, shared libraries, wikis, groups and listservs, as well as engagement metrics to measure your progress.

    • Optional iMIS Solutions

      iMIS Performance Improvement Roadmap

      Ever wonder if you're underutilizing your iMIS system and not taking advantage of all its capabilities — particularly to engage your constituents and improve organizational performance? Watch this exclusive client webcast on the advantages of the "iMIS Performance Improvement Roadmap" — a new offering from ASI Consulting that provides a detailed blueprint for optimizing your iMIS system.

      Social Networking

      This iXtend Partner Solution Showcase webcast focuses on how you can leverage private social networks to significantly improve the engagement and retention of your members, donors, and other constituents. We provide a product tour of Social Networking — our on-demand community-building platform that features wikis, blogs, profiles, forums, groups, and listservs — and show you how it can help ensure constituents actively participate in your organization and develop a deeper commitment to your cause.

      iMIS Web Content Management

      This new webcast will demonstrate how you can easily manage your member/donor data as well as your websites from one seamless system -- iMIS. You'll walk away knowing how iMIS can help you effectively provide the personalized content, mobile access, and social web experience your constituents are demanding. And, you can do this all with no programming, fewer vendors to manage, and without data integration headaches.

      iMIS Communities

      Learn how iMIS Communities can take your website to the next level with powerful social collaboration and communication features, including online discussion forums, resource libraries, wikis, and blogs. You'll see how this robust set of tools matches your existing web presence and seamlessly integrates with your iMIS database.


      Learn how iDashboards can provide user-friendly, cost-effective access to your organization's key performance indicators. You'll see how staff can leverage role-based dashboards that allow them to identify trends at a glance and drill down into data sets for real-time, well-informed decision-making that can have a real impact on your organization's results.

      iMIS Hosting Services

      Learn how outsourcing the management of your technology is one of the smartest, most cost-effective decisions you can make for your organization's security, productivity, and bottom line. With iMIS Hosting Services, you can host your system "in the cloud" — a secure environment where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere by your staff and constituents via the Internet and maintained by certified experts. The webcast walks through the advantages of outsourcing, including reliability, accessibility, scalability, and the latest technologies available.


      Learn how TaskCentre for iMIS can help you automate the time-consuming, manual processes that weigh down your staff's productivity — such as email alerts and responses, iMIS data changes, report distribution, and more. The webcast shows you how business process automation can free up your staff to focus on providing the programs and exemplary service that will keep your constituents coming back.


      Learn how iEmail for iMIS allows you to easily access your iMIS contacts, appointments, queries, and more from Microsoft Outlook™—without requiring an IT person to install it. With iEmail, you can import e-mails, including text and attachments, from Outlook as iMIS activities. You can import iMIS tasks and appointments into Outlook to keep your staff synchronized and productive especially when they're on the go—and then synchronize back to iMIS when tasks are complete. And, you can conveniently access, drill down, and sort iMIS query results directly from Outlook.


      In this iXtend Partner Solution Showcase learn how with Boxwood's career center software, iMIS clients with job board and related career learning, career development, career fair, and career mentoring requirements will now be able to manage all of their career center needs online in real time. For many organizations, the career center is one of the most heavily visited areas of the organization's website and a source of substantial non-dues revenue. Historically, such organizations maintain separate departments for their member engagement needs and education/certification needs and thus have been challenged by inconsistent information exchange from disparate databases. Boxwood eliminates that problem for iMIS clients and provides seamless integration to ensure the organization is using real-time, accurate information from the iMIS system.

    • iMIS System Tours

      iMIS 20 System Tour

      Take a tour of the game-changing iMIS 20 Engagement Management System (EMS)™. iMIS 20 enables you to engage members, donors, and other constituents — as well as your staff — anytime, anywhere, from any device. It includes constituent management, constituent self-service, online fundraising, social engagement, private communities, and mobile access in one seamless, cloud-based system.

      iMIS 20 - 100

      Join us for a tour of iMIS 20-100, the game-changing Engagement Management System (EMS)™ designed for small-staff associations and membership organizations that need an all-one-solution that is easy to set up and affordable to use.

      iMIS System Tour for Regulatory & Accreditation Management Organizations

      Learn how iMIS enables your organization to manage constituents of all types, its website, and the regulation, enforcement, and licensure of professions and trades.

      iMIS System Tour for Ministries & Faith-Based Organizations

      This webcast shows you how your faith-based ministry can thrive by streamlining operations, increasing revenue, boosting staff productivity, and unleashing the power of your community with iMIS software for member or donor management.

      iMIS System Tour for Catholic Diocese, Archdiocese, and Catholic Charities

      Watch this webcast to learn how your Catholic Diocese, Archdiocese, and Catholic charity organization can thrive by streamlining operations, increasing revenue, boosting staff productivity, and unleashing the power of your community with iMIS software for member or donor management.

    • Upgrading iMIS

      iMIS 20.1 New Features

      Join us for a tour of the new features in the iMIS 20.1 release. This release includes events, accounting, installation, and security enhancements along with two new major features: Communications (included when you upgrade to iMIS 20.1) & Auto-Pay (not included when you upgrade to iMIS 20.1 and must be purchased separately).

      iMIS 15 Upgrade Success

      Learn about the benefits of upgrading to iMIS 15, how to successfully plan for your organization's upgrade, and get an overview of new features in iMIS 15.

      Maximizing Your iMIS Investment with the Software Update Plan

      The Software Update Plan (SUP) ensures your system is optimized for peak performance as well as protected against technology changes that could threaten your iMIS investment. In this non-technical 30-minute webcast, we'll show you what's new with the Software Update Plan (SUP) — including multi-year and prepayment discounts — and how the Plan provides regular software updates that ensure your system is compliant with new standards, has the most current security upgrades, and is compatible with the latest technologies available. You'll see how the SUP helps you adapt to an ever-changing environment, quickly resolve issues, and better respond to constituent needs.

      iMIS Customer Benefits

      Learn how to take advantage of support resources available to help make the most of your iMIS system. We'll show you how to search for answers to your technical questions, submit a case and check its status, and access tools/resources/documentation. You'll also learn how to tap into the iMIS Community to uncover best practices, participate in forms, discover proven best practices, sign up for our technical support newsletter and special alerts, and benefit from other resources available to you.

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