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    The Leadership of ASI

    ASI's leadership brings a wealth of experience and management talent to the organization. Our executive team demonstrates a level of commitment to our partners, customers and the non-profit industry unlike any other.

    Larry Testa (1943-2012) - One of ASI's Founders & Board Members

    Thank you for all you have done for us!

    Bob Alves - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Bob Alves is somewhat of a paradox in the corporate world. Plenty of CEO's are nothing more than a faceless name atop the corporate food-chain, far removed from the every-day operations of their company. Mr. Alves is very different… read more

    Don Robertson - President & Chief Technology Officer

    Don Robertson is an architect for the non-profit industry. With no knowledge whatsoever of steel or concrete, Don's ideas have supported more than 2,500 non-profits around the world… read more

    Niroo Rad - Managing Director, ASI Europe

    Niroo started his career developing and implementing financial management systems. Following the sale of that business in 1985, he started an Apple Macintosh dealership that became the UK's second largest Mac reseller… read more

    Paul Ramsbottom - Managing Director, ASI Asia-Pacific

    There's no denying Paul is excited by the technology he works with but he understands that technology isn't an end unto itself - it's a means to an end.… read more

    Andrew Sherwin - Managing Director, ASI Canada

    Andrew is a modern-day explorer with eyes set firmly on breaking new ground within the non-profit world, as he's done for more than 20 years. Andrew continues forging ahead to further populate the Canadian market with the iMIS solution… read more

    Donna Benz - Vice President of Operations

    Donna Benz is the glue that holds Advanced Solutions International together. While she doesn't juggle (that we know of!), she has a knack for balancing more tasks than she'd like to admit… read more

    Fred Lawrence - Chief Financial Officer

    Fred focused nearly two decades working on the financial side of the manufacturing and distribution industry, and 14 years on finances for the software industry. Fred joined ASI in 1999… read more

    John Benda - Global VP Customer/Channel Sales and Marketing

    John is an expert at marketing and selling enterprise-wide software. He has almost 30 years of experience selling to both governmental organizations and the private sector… read more

    Vickie Strong - Global Vice President of Human Resources

    To be able to build a fully functional Human Resources department from the ground up is incredibly challenging. Vickie Strong has done this for three different organizations in her career… read more

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