Is Your Website Smart Enough to Keep Constituents Engaged?

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3 Keys to a Smart Website

How Leading Non-Profits are Driving Online Engagement with a More Personalized and Relevant Web Experience
Retaining your members, donors and other constituents is paramount to your organization's future and engaging them online is one of the most effective ways to do this. Our newest whitepaper provides Case Study Vignettes that demonstrate how other top-performing non-profits have enhanced their website for greater constituent engagement.

Learn how the electronic payments non-profit EPCOR increased member usage of its website by 50%

We'll share best practices of three organizations that have already tested, implemented and evaluated various methods to enhance their online presence. Results include increased retention rates, new member acquisition improvements, greater event registration rates, and new revenue streams from products and services.

Read how Girl Guides of Canada drove performance improvements, and boosted productivity, revenue and member satisfaction

Get our whitepaper: "3 Keys to a Smart Website: How Leading Non-Profits are Driving Online Engagement with a More Personalized and Relevant Web Experience" to learn how EPCOR, Girl Guides of Canada and the Liberal Party of Australia — Victorian Division were able to:

  • Deliver websites that attract — and keep — constituents by combining the power of CRM and CMS
  • Empower constituents with self-serve options that increase constituent satisfaction and reduce staff costs and time
  • Provide private online communities with exclusive members-only resources that ensure constituents come back over and over

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