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Find out how to leverage technology to improve organizational performance.
Every organization is looking for that magic bullet - the secret that will give you a leg up and enhance your performance. Sometimes, the answer is right inside your organization but you just don't have the time or resources to gather and analyze the data. By applying the right technology tools, your organization can improve operational processes, fine-tune business strategies, uncover meaningful metrics, and deepen your connection with constituents.

Are retention rates dropping? Resources being wasted?
What about financials - are they stagnant?

Identifying what to measure starts with what your non-profit needs to improve. You need to know which questions to ask, how to build meaningful goals, and then which performance management frameworks are best designed for your organization.

Are you making management decisions based on out-of-date reports your staff compiled manually?

Read our white paper, "Secrets" of Highly Successful Non-Profits: How to Leverage Technology to Improve Organizational Performance. We'll walk you through four key strategies that several successful non-profits have used to improve their performance, including Girl Guides of Canada, Law Society of Scotland, Queensland Cerebral Palsy League, and the Society of Marketing Professionals. You'll learn more about how to:

  • Provide self-service functionality to greatly increase productivity, revenue and member satisfaction
  • Optimize your work flows to free up staff to build stronger relationships with constituents
  • Use business intelligence tools to analyze data and get a more complete picture of your constituent base
  • Get valuable direct feedback from your community and apply their suggestions so they know they're being heard

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